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TetraAnt 5 60 18 XHV

4x4 MIMO Sector Antenna HV and +- 45° Slanted Polarizations, 18 dBi

  • Radiating structure supports dual slant and HV linear polarization
  • 4 deg electrical tilt (ET)
  • High attenuation of orthogonal polarization
  • Very low VSWR
  • Light and super stiff, completely closed design

The multi-polarized 4x4 MIMO sector antenna designed for radio hardware which can effective use 4 Rx/Tx radio channels.

Antenna consists two independent sections, each one is for generating orthogonal polarization planes: HV and +/-45 deg. The polarization suppression for each sections is as high as the cross polar suppression and port-to-port isolation, while the suppression between polarization planes which differ by 45 deg. is 3 dB and is restricted by theory.

Please take it into account at the planning stage of the wireless LAN network. TetraAnt 5 19 20 XHV is the complementary 4x4 MIMO flat panel antenna.

  • Frequency Range: 5.1 - 6.2 GHz
  • Peak Gain: 18 dBi
  • Beamwidth: 65 x 5.8 deg.
  • Dimensions: 470x160 mm
  • The 4x4 MIMO radio mounting bracket is a part of the set
  • Mass: 1.1 kg


Frequency range 5.1 - 6.2 GHz
VSWR < 2.0
Gain 18 dBi
Polarization SLANT ; HV
Port to Port Isolation Better than 30 dB dB
Electrical Tilt
Elevation HPBW 5.8 degrees
Azimuth HPBW 65 degrees
Lightning protection DC ground ; Yes


Technology Microstrip ; Electrical downtilt - 4 deg.
Connector 4 x N Female/Back
Dimensions 470x160x65 mm
Weight 1.1 kg
Mounting kit Includes mast mounting hardware ; 2 inch (51mm) max.
Radome material PVC ; white
Base material High strength aluminum alloy
Construction Completely closed


Port to Port Isolation

Radiation Patterns