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TetraAnt Pro H

Single-polarized H sector antenna 60 - 90°

A high quality single-polarized sector antenna operates over the 5.15 - 5.85 GHz WiFi WLAN band. It has very good electrical and mechanical properties.

In a vertical plane the antenna features very low sidelobes, close to - 30 dB, and ultra low  x or cross-polarized components for both AZ and EL planes. The antenna is lightweight and very stiff.

The topology and the way of getting various HPBW have been patented.

The TetraAnt Pro H antenna comes in 2 variants, that differ in the HPBW (60 - 90 degrees) parameter:

  • TetraAnt Pro 5 60 17 H
  • TetraAnt Pro 5 90 16 H

Both antennas can be combined with their counterparts - TetraAnt Pro 5 60 17 V or TetraAnt Pro 5 90 16 V

That set makes the very high quality polarization and space diversity 2x2 MIMO sector antenna with the low sidelobe levels and low cross polarization if they are mounted about 20 lambda apart, or only polarization diversity, if antennas are much closer, about 2 lambda.

2009 Design - designer Przemysław Fert.

Price: 372 EUR

Specifications Common to All TetraAnt Pro H Models

Radiation Patterns for TetraAnt Pro H Antennas

TetraAnt Pro 5 60 17 H

TetraAnt Pro 5 90 16 H