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Panel and sector antennas

High Performance RF and Microwave Antennas for 750 MHz to 6.5 GHz

Elboxrf manufactures a line of microstrip antennas with N or SMA style coax as connectors for the frequency from 750 MHz up to 6.5 GHz, while custom designs work as high as 12 GHz. Some of antennas have the equipment box for easy integrate a radio card.

Often copied but never duplicated and this post partially shows why.

Our cheapest product TetraAnt 2 08 80 was designed with the same attention like our most expensive antenna TetraAnt Pro 5 60 18 XHV. Both are made of quality materials like the microwave substrate, the radome or the instrument grade N connectors.

Because of the quality of TetraAnt antennas they are excellent choice not only for wireless internet networks, but also for application where remote sensor are used e.g. for Wireless Camera Surveillance Systems

Microstip sector and panel antennas

  • SECTOR MIMO These directional sector antennas work for MIMO radio system and coverage 4.9 to 6.5 GHz freq band. All antennas feature excellent VSWR and electrical tilt
  • SECTOR Single polarized sector antennas with reduced side lobe levels. Pro Sector series feature also a very low cross polar radiation for a high quality networks
  • PANEL MIMO A client or a long distant MIMO panel antennas, from the moderate 12 dBi to a high 23 dBi gain
  • PANEL Single polarized panel antennas. Pro versions feature a reduced side lobe level
    - a high gain and a wide bandwidth MIMO panel antenna for a 2.3-2.7 GHz band
    - a narrow band 868 MHz panel for RFID or remote sensor systems
    - the wide band and a heavy-duty 740 to 850 MHz antenna

How to find the right antenna?

I highly recommend to use the on - site search engine by clicking the magnifier icon on the top red bar.