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RFID Panel Antenna 868 MHz

UHF RFID Panel Antennas. 868 MHz ISM Band

RFID stands for Radio Frequency IDentification. Antennas described in this folder operate in the far field and cover the 868 MHz band.

The 868 MHz narrowband antenna is an excellent product for a broadly defined RF product operated in narrow 868 MHz frequency band, like radio modems, transceivers, remote meter reading, wireless data networks, wireless security systems or wireless alarms.

TetraAnt 868 08 70
137 EUR
  • Frequency Range: 868 MHz +/- 10 MHz
  • Realized Gain: 8.0 dBi
  • Dimensions: 20x20x4 cm
  • Carefully tuned to the center frequency
  • For UHF remote reading ID systems and radio modems