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TetraAnt 5 23 10 RSLL

23dBi Directional Panel Antenna, Low Sidelobe Level - SLL

  • Operates over 5.1 - 5.9 GHz
  • 23 dBi peak gain
  • Low Sidelobe Level
  • High attenuation level of orthogonal polarizations
  • Very low back radiation
  • Completely weatherproof - no vented holes

This single polarized panel antenna works in the 5.1 to 5.9 GHz band and exhibits the very desirable feature - the low SLL (Side Lobes Level).

In the upper operational frequency band, 5.6 - 5.85 GHz, side lobes are reduced by at least 20 dB compared to the main beam level.

In the real Wireless Lan systems antenna receives less interference signals from other directions than the main beam direction. This mechanism will also work in a transmit mode - the antenna sends signals with less power to other directions.

In the other word, the antenna alone will increase the Signal-to-Noise ratio and thus the system performance. This antenna will be very effective for both long-range links or as a client antenna in RF high-noise environments.

TetraAnt 5 23 10 RSLL - VSWR

TetraAnt 5 23 10 RSLL - the Realized Gain

TetraAnt 5 23 10 RSLL - Directional Patterns in Polar Coordinates

TetraAnt 5 23 10 RSLL - Specifications

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