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TetraAnt 868 08 70

868 MHz RFID Directional Panel Antenna - 8 dBi gain

  • Antenna designed for radio modems and active RFID systems operating in the 858-878 MHz (ERC REC 70-30) bandwidth. The typical application are: Wireless Security Systems, Wireless Sensors and Automatic Meter Reading
  • Can be mounted for a horizontal or vertical polarization. Here, for a horizontal polarization - an E vector plane is parallel to the ground plane

The narrowband 868 MHz antenna helps to fight out-of-the-band noise

  • This antenna was designed for 868 MHz radio equipment operating in noisy environment. Very often such radio equipment uses a single-chip transceivers in the front-end, that is less immune for out of the band noises and interferences due to the power restrictions.
  • Usually the first amplifier in the RF chain, does not have a high IP3 that is a figure of merit of intermodulation performance for active and passive RF devices.
  • In other words it can be blocked easily by out-of-the band RF signals.
    TetraAnt 868 08 70 because of it's narrowband nature, is the first stage 868 MHz filter and helps to lower out-of-the band signals level. Hence, a front-end RF circuit of the transceiver will be more immune to the RF signals outside the operational band.


Frequency range 858 - 878 MHz
VSWR < 2.0
Gain 8.5 dBi +/- 0.5 dBi dBi
Polarization Linear ; Horizontal/Vertical
Elevation HPBW 77 degrees
Azimuth HPBW 67 degrees
Front to Back ratio Better than 12 dB
Sidelobe supression No sidelobes due to the one element design
Lightning protection DC ground


Technology Microstrip
Connector N Female/Back
Dimensions 195x195x50 mm
Weight 0.35 kg with the mounting hardware kg
Mounting kit Includes mast mounting hardware ; 2 inch (51mm) max.
Radome material PVC ; white
Base material High strength aluminum alloy
Construction All weather conditions

Patterns and matching - VSWR data