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TetraAnt 868 08 70

868 MHz LoRa and RFID Directional Panel Antenna - 8 dBi gain

  • Gain: 8.5 dBi
  • Bandwidth: 868 + -10 MHz
  • Carefully tuned to 868 MHz
  • Unique VSWR data included
  • Highly selective, perfect in RF noisy environments
  • HPBW: 67 x 77 degrees
  • DC short
  • Completely weatherproof - no vented holes
  • Unit price: 137 EUR net

Antenna designed for LoRa devices, radio modems and active RFID systems operating in the 858-878 MHz (ERC REC 70-30) bandwidth. The typical application are: Wireless Security Systems, Wireless Sensors and Automatic Meter Reading

Can be mounted for a horizontal or vertical polarization. Here, for a horizontal polarization - an E vector plane is parallel to the ground plane

The narrowband 868 MHz antenna helps to fight out-of-the-band noise

This antenna was designed for 868 MHz radio equipment operating in noisy environment. Very often such radio equipment uses a single-chip transceivers in the front-end, that is less immune for out of the band noises and interferences due to the power restrictions.

Usually the first amplifier in the RF chain, does not have a high IP3 that is a figure of merit of intermodulation performance or receiver linearity for active RF devices.

In other words it can be blocked easily by out-of-the band RF signals. TetraAnt 868 08 70 because of it's narrowband nature, is the first stage 868 MHz filter and helps to lower out-of-the band signals level. Hence, a front-end RF circuit of the transceiver will be more immune to the RF signals outside the operational band.

Price: 137 EUR net

TetraAnt 868 08 70 - VSWR

TetraAnt 868 08 70 - Realized Gain

Radiation Patterns in Polar and Rectangular Form - TetraAnt 868 08 70

TetraAnt 868 08 70 Specifications

TetraAnt 868 08 70 - Additional Information