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Mimo PRO sector antennas

TetraAnt pro MIMO XHV - the most advanced MIMO antennas

The set of a 3 base station sector antennas developed in 2015 and manufactured since then.
TetraAnt 5 19 20 XHV RSLL is the complementary 4x4 MIMO flat panel antenna with the reduced sidelobe level feature.

Important features

  • the excellent impedance matching to the standard 50 ohm impedance
  • a high and realistic gain. This so called the realized gain which is taking into account all possible losses like the substrate loss, conductor loss, radome loss, and much more
  • the uniformity ofradiation patterns - they are the same for any available polarizations
  • the high port to port separation
  • the electrical tilt which suppress the deformation of the radiation characteristics
  • these antennas offer an electrical quality of a cell phone base station antennas at a fraction of their price

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TetraAnt Pro mimo XHV
  • 4x4 MIMO              TetraAnt Pro 5 60 18 XHV
  • 2x2 MIMO              TetraAnt Pro 5 60 18 HV
  • 2x2 MIMO Slant     TetraAnt Pro 5 60 18 X