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Elboxrf - Overview

Elboxrf develops and produces microstrip planar antennas - base stations antennas among them - for a wide range of mobile communications. Microstrip antenna is also called an microstrip array, because the radiating element in most cases is made of array of patches.

TetraAnt and TetraBox planar and sector antennas are designed for broadband frequency range and therefore cover various frequency bands such as WLAN IEEE 802.11 (Wireless Lan, in other words wireless access to the internet or wireless internet), WI-FI, ISM, WIMAX, RFID, U-NII, HIPERLAN bands.

Our team uses leading 2.5D and 3D EM (Electro-Magnetic) simulators as well as sophisticated measurement equipment.Experienced engineering team, careful testing and computerized precision provide antenna solutions more practical and matched to the wireless applications requirements.

Our directional and sector antennas feature low or very low sidelobe level as well as excellent polarization purity also called X-polarization or cross-polarization, x-pol and cross-pol in short. Typically, sidelobes are suppressed by equal or more than 20 dB.

Especially broadband product is our industry standard 19 dBi panel, featured excellent VSWR over the band. Cross-polarization suppression is better than 30 dB for both series. The AZ HPBW or Azimuth Half Power Beam Width for our Base Station Antennas is 60deg, 90 degrees, 120 deg, or even 160 degrees.

A high quality of polarization properties makes our antennas excellent choice for MIMO, dual-polarity or polarization diversity communication systems. Our sectoral antennas are Vertical or Horizontal polarized while directional antennas have linear polarization properties.

Some of our panels are equipped with an integrated polycarbonate enclosure or equipment box. Many of our TetraBox antenna products are very rugged and completely weatherproof – represents high IP67 class protection for a long life in the harshest environment. All stainless steel fasteners and a aluminum bracket resist corrosion. In addition Elboxrf products meets RoHS directive. Certified quality materials, constant innovations and quality control provide life guarantee and impressive level of customer satisfaction.

Elboxrf has several patents pending and registered industrial designs.

Przemyslaw Fert M.Sc.E.E.,
Elboxrf - Precision Antennas